Tourist Visa for Medical Treatment "MT"

Tourist Visa for Medical Treatment "MT"

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Tourist Visa for Medical Treatment "MT"


Number of Entry: Single Entry

Validity of Visa: 3 Months

Period of Stay: not exceeding 60 Days

Required Documents

1) One duly-filled application form (Download)

2) One (1) Colour photographs (Passport Size) (taken within the last six (6) months)

3) One Copy of ID Card (Saudi) or One Copy of Residence Identity Card (Non-Saudi)

4) Original Passport (with one copy) valid for at least six (6) months on the day of arrival in Thailand

5) A Certified Letter from a distinguished Hospital in Thailand

6) Fee 160.- SR. per person (Non-Refundable)


NB    Consular Officers reserve the right to request additional documents as deemed necessary and also reserve the right to refuse visa application.


Royal Thai Embassy, Riyadh

October 2021